Spider - Green

Spider - Green

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Dawgs Spider Seemless Shoe

3D three-dimensional injection technology
sports safety shoes

• a perspective injection technology in the upper gas permeable material plus 3D texture, enhance wear resistance, preventing the hook body tramp
• anti-loose shoelace design
• lightweight aluminum using security header
• Italy fibrous material The puncture-resistant midsole, without metal, makes the shoes softer and more comfortable to wear.

• Cambrelle® breathable and wear-resistant lining, with a wear-resistant microfiber lining on the heel
• GPZ PoronXrd® cushioning and comfortable insole, which meets the requirements of multiple international testing standards The American PoronXrd® high-performance cushioning material most frequently recommended by foot therapists reduces the stimulation of the soles, heels and fascia when walking, and effectively relieves various plantar pains

Gravity® G-Sport II three-layer density sports type patented The sole, the sole is soft and easy to bend, suitable for different smooth and hard ground, oil resistance, high temperature resistance up to 300℃, and passed the CE highest SRC anti-skid standard test


Recommended industries:

Anti-static workplace, automobile repair, decoration and repair industry, transportation and handling industry, machine plant, warehouse management, indoor work

Note: Required for the freight industry, sports products